Isoprinosine An immuno booster drug for AIDS and Cancer patients

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Published: 17th January 2011
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Cancer is one of the most threatening diseases of the present age. Several studies and research are under way to find a remedy to combat different types of cancer and to prevent them. Scientists have been really successful in some of the cases and have come out with certain drugs or chemotherapy solutions to treat the deadly cancer. One of such success results into the development of Isoprinosine. It is a immune booster drug which is used to increase the immunity of the body against cancer, AIDS and herpes. Basically it is a combination of inosine (used by the body to make RNA), dimethylaminosopropanol and acetamidobenzic acid. Marketed as a drug in many nations is still not available in United States Of America. Isoprinosine Pranobex and Imunovir are the other name of this drug. Isoprinosine aims at reducing the intensity of the symptoms and to reduce the duration of viral infection.


Isoprinosine is a fabricated heterocyclic aromatic organic compound (also known as purine) by product possessing immune modulatory and anti viral properties which occurs due to probable vivo enhancement of immune responses caused by the drug. It stimulates the differentiation of T-lymphocytes into T-helper cells and T-cytotoxic cells thereby increasing production of lymphokine which results into normalizing the cell immunity. It helps increasing the production of interleukin-1, interleukin-2 and IFN-gamma and also enhances function of natural killer cells. Another aspect of immunity i.e. humoral immune response (HIR) which is mediated by the secreted antibodies is also increased by stimulating the differentiation of B-lymphocytes into plasma cells. It helps in restricting the viral development by inhibiting viral ribonucleic acid (RNA) synthesis. It also activates phagocytosis, macrophage chemotaxis and neutrophil.


Isoprinosine has been recorded as well tolerable drug by the users. Even though it causes some of the side effect which include itching and dizziness. It also effects digestion having complains of stomach pain or feeling of full after consuming little quantity of food. Some of the patients may show the symptoms of allergy after consuming Isoprinosine like skin hives, rashes, tightness in chest or throat, itchy skin and chest pain. It is mandatory to keep this drug away from children and to store the drug in tight container away from heat and moisture.

Studies pertaining to consumption of Isoprinosine in animals were conducted to analyse the effect of this drug on reproduction. The output given by the study was very negative. Thus it is advisable for pregnant women to take Isoprinosine with utmost care. The toxic effects of this drug rising from over dose are not observed, yet it is better to consume the drug under strict medical supervision. The drug is available in white, red, scored tablet and also within bottle as syrup.

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